Claudette (Steal Brook) Coldwind

Age 12 Doughted of Hauld Racheal


Claudette wares vary rich Anara Clothing instead of the moor common Saxa, She has Dyed her hair black. carries her self with a stiff formal air well beyond her back round and age. She is known to carry a Sax (Dagger) her father gave her as her only evidence at school of her life in the free lands.


Mother: Hauld Rochel Coldwind Step Father: Sir Alexander
Siblings: Caudwell Steal Brook, Erdmann Steal Brook

took last name of Sir alexander to better fit in to Roman School Sir Alaxender sponsored her foor. dislikes her Saxa roots want to be a proper noble. makes all the commeners call her Banneress in stead of her Saxa Title Lendmann

Claudette (Steal Brook) Coldwind

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