Sir Alexander Coldwind - Decesed

Hearth Knight - Sword Knight


Sir Alexander was a Hearth Knight of the Sword of grate Fame and notoriety. he had served in the order for over 40 years until he decided to retire after the death of a favored Squire Sir Ugrian wile he was attempting the trial of the Sword. although has stayed in touch with the comings and going of the order by regular correspondence with his former squire Sir Hrolf. for the last five years he has lived in retirement as leader of Kirchen Stead. he married the Hauld Rochel Coldwind and moved her and her people from the failing stead in to the new valley. he adopted her children [[:erdmann-steal-brook | Caudwell Steal Brook[[:claudette-steal-brook-coldwind | Claudette (Steal Brook) Coldwind]]]] as his own and even sponcred her doughter with his name to the impearial Coolidge.

Sir Alexander has been a friend and mentor to the PC ever since they help him, Hrolf and Ugrain recuse villages from a Wendeal attack at the ford nearly ten years ago. Sir Alexander Coldwind scrcame to fever and died on the last day of winter 499 IR.

Sir Alexander Coldwind - Decesed

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