Hellfrost Spells


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Aim N Touch Maintained +2 to ranged weapons, +4 with a raise.
Altered Senses N Touch Maintained Gives target Low Light Vision or Infravision, both with a raise.
Analyze Foe S Sight Instant Gives details of a foe’s Edges, Hindrances, and Special Abilities.
Animate War Tree H Touch Maintained Animates a tree as a war tree.
Arcane Resistance (Spell) S Touch Maintained Target gains Arcane Resistance Edge, or Improved version with a raise.
Armor N Touch Maintained Success grants the recipient 2 points of Armor. A raise grants 4 points of Armor.
Aura S Touch Maintained Creatures adjacent to the hero suffer 2d6 damage.
Banish V Spirit Instant Sends one extraplanar creature back to its native realm.
Barrier S Smarts Maintained Barrier creates a solid, immobile wall to protect the user against attack or to entrap an opponent
Battle Song S Special Maintained Creatures in a Medium Burst Template gain the Berserk Edge; raise increases this to a Large Burst Template.
Beast Friend N Smarts x 100 yards Maintained This spell allows mages to speak with and guide the actions of nature’s beasts.
Becalm N Sight Maintained Halves a ship’s Acceleration and Top Speed; +2 to Boating in storms.
Bladebreaker S Smarts Instant Caster makes an opposed roll against a weapon’s damage die to break it.
Blast S 24/48/96 Instant Targets within the blast suffer 2d6 damage
Bless or Panic S Spirit Maintained +2 to Guts, +4 with a raise; Panic gives a similar
Blind N 12/24/48 Instant This power temporarily blinds a target or targets
Bodyguard N Adjacent Special Causes a bodyguard to appear.
Bolt N 12/24/48 Instant Bolt is a standard attack power of wizards, The damage of the bolt is 2d6
Boost or Lower Trait N Smarts Maintained This power allows a character to increase any of a target’s Traits by one die type for a standard success, or by two with a raise
Bridge S Smarts Maintained Creates a bridge. Each section covers 2 yards.
Burrow N Self Maintained Burrow allows a mage standing on raw earth to meld into it.
Burst N Cone Template Instant Those who fail suffer 2d10 damage
Champion of the Faith S Self Maintained Target gains the Champion or Holy Warrior Edge.
Charismatic Aura N Touch Maintained Target gains +1 Charisma, +2 with a raise.
Confusion S Smarts x 2 Maintained Victims must make a Spirit roll opposed by arcane skill or suffer –2 to all trait rolls, –4 with a raise.
Corpse Senses S Smarts x 100 yds Maintained Caster can use his senses through a corpse.
Damage Field S Touch Maintained Damage field creates an effect around a character that deals damage to anyone who contacts them in close combat.
Darksight N Touch Maintained 1/2 darkness penalty
Deflection N Touch Maintained With a standard success, attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting, Shooting, throwing.
Detect or Conceal Arcana N Sight Maintained Detect/conceal arcana allows a character to sense supernatural persons, objects, or effects within sight.
[[Detect or Conceal]] N Smarts x 2 Maintained Allows the caster to find or hide objects.
Disease S Spirit Special Victim must make a Vigor roll opposed by arcane skill or catch a disease.
Disguise S Touch Maintained Disguise allows the character to assume the appearance (but none of the abilities) of another person.  
Dispel S Smarts Instant Dispel allows a hero to negate enemy spells, miracles, mad science, or super powers.
Divination H Self Maintained This power allows the caster to contact an otherworldly being to gain information.
Elemental Form V Self Maintained Caster gains the Special Abilities of an elemental.
Elemental Manipulation N Smarts x2 Maintained A character who chooses this power can perform basic “tricks” using the four elements.   
Energy Immunity S Touch Maintained Protects against one element or trapping; half damage with success, or total immunity with a raise.
Enhance Undead S Smarts Special Gives undead an Edge.
Entangle N Smarts Special This power allows the character to restrain a target with snaking vines, lengths of hair, spider webs, or some other vine-like trapping
Environmental Protection N Touch Maintained This power allows the target to breathe, speak, and move at his normal Pace while in one normally harmful environment,
[[Ethereal Corporeal] S Smarts Maintained Makes target ethereal or makes an ethereal target corporeal.
Farsight N Touch Maintained +2 to Notice rolls at close range, can see details up to 5 miles.
Fatigue S 12/24/48 Instant Victims must make a Vigor roll opposed by arcane skill or suffer Fatigue.
Fear N Smarts x 2 Instant This power causes the target overwhelming dread and horror.
Feast N Spirit Instant Creates food for up to 5 people per Rank.
Fly V Touch Maintained Fly allows a character to fly at his basic Pace
Fog Cloud V 1 mi/Rank Maintained Reduces visibility by one step, two with a raise.
[[Fortune’s Favored]] S Touch Maintained Target may reroll failed benny rolls.
Gift of Battle N Touch Maintained Target gains one Leadership Edge or two with a raise.
Glyph V Special Special Stores a single spell for activation when a condition is met.
Gravespeak S Touch Maintained May question a corpse.
Greater Healing V Touch Instant Greater healing restores wounds more than one hour old.
Greater Zombie H Spirit x 2 Special Creates barrow dwellers and mummies.
Growth or Shrink  S  Smarts x 2  Maintained  Changes size of target; see notes.
Healing N Touch Instant Healing repairs recent bodily damage
Heat Mask  S  Touch  Maintained  Negates infravision.
Insight N Touch Instant Caster gets a glimpse into an object or person’s past.
Invisibilty S Self Maintained With a success, the character is transparent, but a vague outline is visible.
Knockdown S Cone Instant Strength roll or be knocked back 1d4 and prone.
Leaping N Touch Maintained Targets adds +2” to leaping distance or +4” with a raise.
Linght or Obscure N Smarts Maintained The ability to affect visibility is a pretty simple but very effective power.
Lock or Unlock N Touch   Special/Instant Makes a lock harder to open, or opens one lock.
Luck or Jinx V Touch Maintained Target rolls two trait dice and takes the best (luck) or worst (jinx).
Mend V Touch Instant Repairs 1 wound to a ship, 2 with a raise.
Mimic N Smarts Maintained Allows the caster to use one spell used by the target.
Mind Rider V Spirit Maintained Can use someone else’s senses.
Negate Arcana V Smarts Maintained Automatic dispel cast on power entering or leaving a template.
Nightmare S Smarts x 1 mile Special Victim must make a Spirit roll, rolling on the Fright Table if he fails.
Precognition V Special Instant Caster may rearrange any two initiative cards, four with a raise.
Prolonged Blast V 24/48/96 Maintained Causes 2d6 or 3d6 damage in a Template each round.
Puppet V Smarts Maintained Charm Person
Quake V Smarts x 3 Instant Causes an earthquake; see notes.
Quickness S Touch Maintained This power grants incredible swiftness to the recipient.
Refuge S Smarts   12  hours Creates a shelter; +2 to Vigor rolls to resist cold while inside, +4 with raise.
Regenerate H Touch Maintained Target may make a free Soak roll for each wound given him, +2 with a raise.
Sacrifice V Self Maintained Caster can kill a sentient being to gain a bonus to his next arcane skill roll.
Sanctuary N Special Instant Caster returns to a safe destination.
Sentry S Smarts x 2 Special Creates a ghostly sentry or places an alarm on one object.
Shape Change N Self Maintained Caster can take on other forms
Silence S Touch Maintained Negates all sound within a Medium Template, or Large Template with a raise.
Slow S Smarts x 2 Maintained Slows an opponent
Sluggish Reflexes S Smarts x 2 Maintained Victims must make Spirit roll opposed by arcane skill or draw one less initiative card.
Slumber S Smarts x 2 Maintained Victims fall asleep if they fail a Spirit roll, –2 with a raise.
Smite N Touch Maintained weapon’s damage is increased by +2 or +4 with a raise
Speak Language N Touch Maintained This power allows a character to speak, read, and write a language other than his own.
Speed N Touch Maintained Speed allows the target of the power to move faster than usual
Sphere of Might V Smarts Maintained Creates a movable sphere of force; see notes.
Storm S 10 miles Maintained Creatures a storm; see notes.
Strength of the Undead V Touch Maintained Caster gains one trait or ability from an undead creature, two with a raise.
Stun N 12/24/48 Special Stun shocks those within a Medium Burst Template
Succor N Touch Instant Removes one Fatigue level, two with a raise.
Summon Beast V Spirit x 10 yards Maintained Summons a mundane beast.
Summon Demon V Smarts x 2 Maintained Summons a demon.
Summon Elemental V Special Maintained Summons an elemental.
Summon Herald H Spirit Special Summons a deity’s herald.
Telekinesis S Smarts Maintained Telekinesis is the ability to move a single object or creature with arcane will.
Teleport S Special Instant Teleport allows a character to disappear and instantly reappear up to 10”
Viper Weapon S Spirit x 2 Maintained Turns a weapon into a venomous snake.
Voice on the Wind N Smarts x 50 mi Instant Allows the caster to send a message of 10 words per caster Rank to a distant target.
Wall Walker N Touch Maintained Recipient can walk and run on walls or ceilings.
Wall Walker N Touch Maintained Wall walker allows the recipient to function much like a human spider.
Wandering Senses N Smarts x 10 Maintained Allows the caster to move his senses up to 6” per round.
Warding S Special Maintained Prevents a specific  type of creature from entering a Medium Template; raise increases this to a Large Burst Template.
[[Warrior’s Gift]] N Touch Maintained Grants the target one Combat Edge.
Water Walk N Touch Maintained Target can walk on water as if solid ground.
Weaken Undead V Spirit Maintained Negates an undead’s Undead monstrous ability.
Weapon Immunity S Touch Maintained Target takes half damage, or no damage with a raise, from a specific weapon type.
Whirlwind S Smarts Maintained Covers a Medium Burst Template; anything touching the template must make a Strength roll or be knocked prone.
Wilderness Step N Touch Maintained Target treats diffi cult ground as normal ground.
Zephyr N One ship Maintained Increases ship’s Accele
Zombie V Smarts Special Rase zombies

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