Snuf El-thunderhoof



Pygmy mammoths are the smallest of the mammoth family. They can be trained as mounts or beasts of

burden, but training must be started young as they are very strong spirited. Many Hearth Knights venturing into the northern realms have taken to riding them instead of horses, and, though unusual, in some northern realms pygmy mammoths have re-placed horses and mules altogether, even being used to draw sledges and plows (the latter when the weather permits).


Attributes:Agility d6, Smarts d4(A),

Spirit d6, Strength d12+1, Vigor d10

Skills:Fighting d6, Guts d6, Notice d4

Pace:6; Parry:5; Toughness:12 (2) Barding14(4)


Special Abilities:

* Armor +2:Thick hide and fur.

* Size +3:Pygmy mammoths stand 6’

tall at the shoulder and are well-set.

* Sweep: Can attack all adjacent characters at –2.

* Trample: Strength + Size, less the target’s Size. The beast must run to use this attack. All characters in straight line path must make an Agility roll against the creature’s Fighting or suffer damage.

* Tusks: Str+d6. (d12+1 +d6)

* Warm Blooded:+2 to Vigor rolls to resist the effect of cold.


Gear on Mount:


Chain Barding

1 quiver (20 bolts) (hanging beside saddle)

Short Spear (hanging beside saddle)

Small Wood Shield (hanging beside saddle)

Oh shit Backpack


Saddle bags:


60 quarels bundled in saddle bag

4 Person Tent

Flint and Steel

40 lb fire woood and kindling

cook pot

Small wood saw



4 Candles

5 Torches

4 Waterskins

3 Weeks Trail rations


Alchemist Trunk

Furs (Hooded cloak)


Small shovel

Snow Goggles


Water Proof Scrolls Case with 3 Scrolls

Grapple Hook on 15 Yards Rope

Tailored Clothes

200 SS

50 GS


Oh Crap Backpack: (Hanging beside the saddle)

Flint and Steel

3 Candles


Hunting Knife

5 lb of Fire wood (Kindling)


2 waterskins

3 Days Trail Rations

suit of hide armor

2 Person Tent

3 Torches



normal clothes

spool thin coordage

snow Shoes

50 GS


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