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    I am the Skald Blood Sparrow, welcome to our Savage Words campaign, set in the epic fantasy setting of Hellfrost. Sit and listen to the unfolding tales of four (sometimes five) would …

  • Driving (Agility)

    Driving ([[Agility]])

    Driving allows your hero to control ground and  hover vehicles common to his setting. Rules for handling vehicles on the table-top can be found on page 113. Driving is also frequently used with …

  • The Velvet Shackle

    Slavery was legally abolished by the civilized races after the Blizzard War. There was no moral reasoning behind the decision. With their armies and economies in tatters, most towns and cities simply decided not to have an army of unhappy slaves to …

  • Notice (Smarts)

    Notice [[Smarts]]

    Notice is a hero’s general alertness and ability to search for items or clues. This covers hearing rolls, detecting ambushes, spotting hidden weapons and even scrutinizing other characters to see if …

  • Piloting (Agility)

    Piloting [[Agility]]

    Piloting allows a character to fly airplanes, helicopters, jet packs, and any other flying devices common to his setting and background.


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