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  • Boating (Agility)

    Boating ([[Agility]])

    Characters with this skill can handle most any boat or ship common to their setting and character background. They generally know how to handle common tasks associated with their vessels as well (tying knots, rigging …

  • Fighting (Agility)

    Fighting ([[Agility]])


    Fighting covers all hand-to-hand (melee) attacks, whether it’s with fists, axes, laser swords, or martial arts. The TN to hit an opponent is his Parry (2 plus half his Fighting …

  • Lockpicking (Agility)

    Lockpicking [[Agility]]

    Lockpicking is the ability to bypass mechanical and electronic locks. Lockpicking is also used to disarm the catches and triggers on traps, unless a more relevant skill seems appropriate for a …

  • Riding (Agility)

    Riding [[Agility]]

    Riding allows a hero to mount, control, and ride any beast common to his setting. Players should note that mounted characters use the lowest of their Fighting or Riding skills when fighting from horseback …

  • Shooting (Agility)

    Shooting [[Agility]]

    Shooting covers all attempts to hit a target with a ranged weapon such as a bow, pistol, or rocket launcher. The basic Target Number to hit is 4 as usual, though there are a number of important …

  • Swimming (Agility)

    Swimming [[Agility]]

    Swimming determines if a character floats or sinks in water, as well as how fast he can move within it. A character’s Pace is half his Swimming skill in inches per turn in normal water (round up). …

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