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  • Gambling (Smarts)

    Gambling ([[Smarts]])

    Gambling is useful from the saloons of the Old West to the barracks of most armies. Here’s a quick way to simulate about a half-hour of gambling without having to roll for every single toss of …

  • Healing (Smarts)

    Healing ([[Smarts]])


    Healing is the art of stopping wounds and treating existing injuries. In general, every success and raise on a Healing roll eliminates a wound. The healer must subtract not only his own …

  • Investigation (Smarts)

    Investigation (Smarts)


    A character skilled in Investigation knows how to make good use of libraries, newspaper morgues, the internet, or other written sources of information. To get information from people …

  • Knowledge (Smarts)

    Knowledge [[Smarts]]

    Knowledge is a catch-all skill that must have a focus of some sort, such as Knowledge (Occult) or Knowledge (Science). The player can choose the focus of his character’s knowledge, which might reflect his background …

  • Repair (Smarts)

    Repair [[Smarts]]

    Repair is the ability to fix gadgets, vehicles, weapons, and other machines. Characters suffer a –2 penalty to their rolls if they don’t have access to basic tools. A raise on a Repair roll …

  • Streetwise (Smarts)

    Streetwise [[Smarts]]

    Streetwise characters are able to gather information from the street, saloons, or other contacts through bribes, threats, or carousing. Finding written information in libraries and the like is covered …

  • Survival (Smarts)

    Survival [[Smarts]]

    Survival allows a character to find food, water, or shelter in hostile environments. A character  may only make one roll per day. A successful roll finds sustenance for one person, a raise on the …

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