Persuasion (Spirit)

Persuasion Spirit

Persuasion is the ability to convince others to do what you want them to do. Nonplayer characters start at one of five different attitudes: Hostile, Uncooperative, Neutral, Friendly, or Helpful. A successful Persuasion roll improves the Extra’s attitude one step, or two with a raise. Failure, on the other hand, decreases the character’s attitude by a step, or two if a 1 is rolled on the Persuasion die (regardless of the Wild Die). Most Extras won’t change their reaction more than one or two levels during a single exchange, but that’s entirely up to the Game Master and the situation.


►► Charisma: Persuasion is always modified by a character’s Charisma.

►► Player Characters: Persuasion should never be used on other player characters. Their attitudes should be decided entirely by their players.

►► Reaction Table: If the Game Master doesn’t already have an initial attitude in mind for the Extra, he can roll on the chart below.


Reaction Table

2d6 Initial Reaction

2 Hostile: The target is openly hostile and does his best to stand in the hero’s way. He won’t help without an overwhelming reward or payment of some kind.

3-4 Uncooperative: The target isn’t willing to help unless there’s a significant advantage to himself.

5-9 Neutral: The target has no particular attitude and will help for little reward if the task at hand is very easy. If the task is difficult, he’ll require substantial payment of some kind.

10-11 Friendly: The target will go out of his way for the hero. He’ll likely do easy tasks for free (or very little), and is willing to do more dangerous tasks for fair pay or other favors.

12 Helpful: The target is anxious to help the hero, and will probably do so for little or no pay depending on the nature of the task.


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Persuasion (Spirit)

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